Discover the most popular Portuguese cities to travel in winter

Discover the most popular Portuguese cities to travel in winter

Want to travel in winter to Portugal and enjoy the coldest days of the year in a different way?

Know that there are many beautiful places that you could include in your travel itinerary.

Whether in the city or in the mountains, with snow or milder temperatures, you will always have places to relax, full of activities to enjoy.

This happens because, from north to south of Portugal there are destinations for all choices. Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, or with the whole family.

It was with exactly that in mind that we decided to prepare this special content for you. In it, you can check out the best places to enjoy the cold days in Portugal.

Be sure to follow along and prepare your trip!

Travel in winter: 5 must-see places to visit in Portugal

Many must think that winter in Portugal is a season where rain and gray days strictly predominate.

Indeed, there are some days like this, however, there are also those with that beautiful winter sun, even with the lowest temperatures.

So, it is always good to be prepared and, if possible, organize a flexible itinerary.

Therefore, we list the cities that you should visit on the coldest days of winter, in order to warm up your tourist soul.

Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia

These two cities are “face to face”, being crossed only by the Douro River.

They provide an incredible experience, due to the romantic mood that hangs over the air, especially in winter.

There are dozens of historical and cultural attractions that perfectly match the coldest days of the year. In addition, we cannot forget the charming cafes and restaurants available to warm up.

Serra da Estrela

Without a doubt, Serra da Estrela is one of the most popular destinations in Portugal to travel in winter.

These are breathtaking landscapes. And, especially in winter, with the arrival of snow, the climate becomes even more magical.

The top of the mountain is the highest point in mainland Portugal. There is also the only ski resort in the country. Just go there and enjoy the snow!

The village of Óbidos is a great option to travel in winter

By itself, the city looks like a movie set. This happens because this small village is surrounded by walls and a castle that embraces beautiful streets inside.

This little piece of Portuguese land gains even more charm and grace during the winter.

After all, Óbidos becomes the favorite destination for kids, where the most famous Christmas Village in the country takes place.

Alqueva in Alentejo

This region is famous for its vast plains as far as the eye can see. And Alqueva is an essential place if you want to admire the stars and the Milky Way during the winter.

This is because Alqueva was the first region in the world to be certified as a Starlight Tourism Destination.

The title won is due to its exceptional conditions such as the absence of clouds and the degree of darkness, suitable for observing the sky.


Finally, we could not fail to include the beautiful Portuguese capital.

After all, Lisbon is an extremely cultural and dynamic city. There will always be different attractions, in addition to cafes and restaurants that will certainly fill your trip with good memories on the coldest days of the year.

Did you like our suggestions? Now you can start preparing your itinerary to travel in winter and enjoy the most beautiful Portuguese cities. Don’t forget the coat! Lots of charm and fun awaits you.