About Tribos

Values, quality and differentiation


Tribos & Montanhas was born in 2017, in Sintra, with the mission of being a national reference in the leisure or professional travel market. We offer a wide and competitive price range for booking flights, hotels, cruises, vacation packages and car rentals worldwide. We always have a professional and adequate answer for all needs, from a simple hotel reservation to the organization of a congress, incentive or more complex group trip.

100% customizable Trips

The passion for providing surprising trips is what makes us dedicate ourselves to creating, with precision, an itinerary, so that all the details are foreseen, indicating the best possible solutions.

Professional guidance

The experience and know-how of those who are dedicated and assume the role of a trusted partner on all trips. We keep a permanent follow-up, from the beginning to the end of the trip, to solve any situation, wherever you are!

Multiple communication channels

Tribos is at your disposal in multiple communication channels from our physical store, our website, our social networks and the traditional telephone contact.

6 Reasons to choose to travel with Tribos!

Keen Eye

We provide quality, tailored trips to some of the most extraordinary places in the world. After several years of traveling and planning trips, we deeply know each point, the strengths and weaknesses of each destination. We believe that only with a keen and attentive look it’s possible to go beyond the obvious and get in touch with the core of that place.

Local Essence

We select the environment that most naturally conveys the daily life of a city, the restaurant that is integrated with the reality of the place and the chosen itinerary, the most interesting way that escapes the common route. We care about revealing what makes each place unique, what doesn't follow standards, what values ​​the natural and what connects with local life.

Valuable Knowledge

We know the legitimate roots of the scenarios we travel to. We offer people the knowledge of the best routes, the absorption of its content, the rare access to the exclusive. We know how important the contact with nature is and how rich the experience in cities is as well. The experience and constant study give us the necessary security to develop the best for each person's profile.

Precious Contacts

We make a careful selection to choose partners in each location that we include in our portfolio. In addition to our correspondents, these contacts are the extension of our company in the destinations, and the guarantee that, by travelling with us, our clients will have the same careful and close treatment that we offer.

Attention to the details

The Tribos team has what we consider to be paramount: passion for creating trips. This is the factor that makes the planning we create close and human, thought out and executed with the utmost care. The passion for providing surprising trips is what makes us dedicate ourselves to accurately assemble all the steps in an itinerary.

Tailor-made Planning

We believe that each trip is unique, as well as who makes it. People, places and time are the main ingredients of good planning. More than having countless options, we want to hear from you! After all, your personality, the desires that move you and the possibilities of the place to explore, determine which paths to choose or avoid in each itinerary. We gather the right options for each profile, as we know that this is the key to the ideal trip.

Advantages that only Tribos can provide

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