Serra da Estrela: The famous Portuguese snow region

Serra da Estrela The famous Portuguese snow region

Right from the start, we have a curiosity to tell you. Serra da Estrela is the highest point in Portugal.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that it is one of the most visited and explored tourist spots in the Portuguese country.

Whether in winter or summer, the place displays beautiful landscapes, with numerous attractions for visitors.

Therefore, it is an unmissable destination for your itinerary in Portugal. Especially if you want to see snow.

Come with us on this journey and discover the riches of this region that holds so many natural and historical beauties!

Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain in mainland Portugal

This fact alone would stir the curiosity of many adventurers, would you agree? This is because the mountain chain is around 300 km long.

In winter, it offers the only ski resort available in Portugal. In summer, the sunny days reserve beautiful landscapes and trails as main attractions.

And did you know that there is also the Serra da Estrela Natural Park? It opened in 1976 and consists of the largest protected area in Portuguese territory.

In addition to the sights, the place is home to an important fauna. However, the region also has the springs of important rivers that will later flow into the three largest river basins in Portugal. They are the Douro, Mondego and Tagus.

However, many wonder what the best time is to visit the region. The truth is that the place offers attractions throughout the year.

However, if you want to see snow fall in the only region of the country, you must visit the place between January and March. During this period, you can enjoy the snow and appreciate various mountain sports.

And what are the best attractions in this mountainous region?

As we have already said, the place offers numerous attractions. However, we separate some must-sees that you cannot miss when visiting the region.


In this area, it’s possible to visit the Burel Factory. This is one of the main wool blanket and pillow factories in Portugal.

Burel wool is considered the warmest and most resistant in the world, coming from this mountainous region. Therefore, you will find beautiful decoration pieces for your home.

Linhares da Beira

Visiting this 12th-century medieval village is like taking a trip back in time.

In this way, it’s possible to visit the Linhares da Beira castle, the Roman Forum and an old inn, well known in the region. The area is also highlighted for offering the best conditions for paragliding in the country.


In Seia you can enjoy delicious bread at the Bread Museum. You can also visit the village of Loriga. It is known as the Portuguese Switzerland, due to its position within the mountain range.


If you are looking for more traditional activities, the best option is a stop in Covilhã. The city has a very interesting historic center.

The main highlight is the Museum of Sacred Art and the Church of Santa Maria Maior, built during the 16th century.

Finally, we could not fail to mention the famous Serra da Estrela cheese. Its origin dates from the 12th century, being considered one of the best sheep cheeses in the world.

It’s a cured cheese, and its semi-soft buttery paste has a white or yellowish color, making it a delicious delicacy from this region.

This made you want to visit this mountainous area even more, didn’t it? Serra da Estrela deserves to be appreciated calmly and with an eye on every detail. Do not miss this opportunity!