Algarve: The best beaches that should be on your itinerary

Algarve The best beaches that should be on your itinerary

First, you should know that Algarve is not a city. But an area of ​​Portugal where the best beaches in the country are located.

Therefore, it has become one of the main destinations for Portuguese and tourists who want to enjoy a good beach season. The region was adopted as one of the most important summer routes in the country.

After all, its warm and crystalline waters, combined with beautiful landscapes, are the perfect combination for an immediate enchantment.

There are several cities, close to each other, that you can visit in search of the best beaches. With two or three days of travel, it’s possible to discover a good part of this Portuguese coastal area.

If you are planning your trip here, be sure to check out our unmissable tips. Find out which are the best beaches you should visit next!

Algarve is the ideal destination to find beautiful sunny beaches during the summer

As already mentioned above, the area located in the south of Portugal is one of the most frequented during the summer. It has beautiful, warm days. And, of course, magnificent beaches to enjoy.

Therefore, we have listed the main ones that you should include in your travel itinerary. Stay tuned!

Praia Ponta da Piedade

This is one of the main destinations for those visiting the region. That’s because Praia da Ponta da Piedade has a stunning look that immediately conquers those who visit it.

Its cliffs and rocky points are surrounded by crystal clear water. This makes the scenario even more perfect. You can take a speedboat ride and discover the caves carved naturally by time.

Praia Paraíso

Praia Paraíso is a little further away from the main ones. Therefore, it is the ideal destination if you want more privacy and an exclusive location without having to pay anything.

It’s a very small beach in the Algarve. And its access is only possible through a staircase.

This is a beach with a slightly rougher sea. However, it is worth visiting the paradise hidden in the middle of the stone walls. No wonder this beauty is called Paradise.

Praia Benagil

For sure, this is one of the most recognized places in Portugal. Undoubtedly, you must have already come across photos of its natural cliff. This is a unique singularity, seen only in Praia Benagil.

Therefore, you can take a speedboat ride that costs around 15 euros to discover this natural cliff known as Algar de Benagil.

Once inside the cave, it is possible to take a trail and see all this beauty carved at the top of the beach.

Praia do Carvoeiro

This is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve and the world.

Also called Praia da Vila, it was chosen by the specialized website European Best Destinations as the most beautiful beach in Europe.

When climbing the side walls that surround the region, you will have a breathtaking view. This is a slightly more urban beach, but it is still beautiful and deserves to be included in your itinerary.

Praia da Galé

Praia da Galé is in the Albufeira area. And this is divided into two small beaches.

They are separated by a cliff that allows access to both. On the right side, the coast is longer, and you can find several restaurants, making it ideal for families.

On the left side, you can contemplate beautiful natural formations that make the scenery even more enchanting. This part of the beach is ideal for couples or groups of friends who want to enjoy nature.

Finally, each of the beaches in the Algarve surprises its visitors in a unique way. Did you like our tips? Write it all down and book a few days to get to know this amazing place next summer.